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1 a toroidal shape; "a ring of ships in the harbor"; "a halo of smoke" [syn: ring, halo, anulus, doughnut, anchor ring]
2 (Fungi) remnant of the partial veil that in mature mushrooms surrounds the lower part of the stem [also: annuli (pl)]

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  1. A ring- or donut-shaped area or structure.
  2. In mathematics, the region between two concentric circles of different radius.
  3. In astronomy, the ring of the sun not covered by the moon in an annular solar eclipse.
  4. The membranous remnants of a partial veil which leaves a ring on the stem of a mushroom.

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Annulus (or anulus), being the Latin and French for "ring", is a term used to describe various ring or circle shaped objects (or openings):
  • Annular hurricane, a hurricane that is nearly symmetrical and takes longer to weaken than normal hurricanes.


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